Albuquerque Downpour

I went to pick up Nathan at work this afternoon because it was raining pretty hard. Due to a traffic jam to access the freeway, I decided to take Central all the way downtown. It was crazy how much rain there was. Cental Avenue was like a river. You could only drive in the center most lanes or else you were at risk of getting flooded. I saw at least 2 stalled vehicles that attempted to make it through the deepest parts. It looked like even some of the buses stopped running momentarily due to the heavy rain. There was one person driving a large SUV that went barreling down Central (in the deep water) and sprayed water on everyone. When they passed me, the spray was so thick that I couldn’t see through the windsheild for a few seconds, even with my wipers going full blast. All I could do was keep the wheel straight and slow down so the SUV passed me quicker. That was not fun.

On the plus side, all the rain we’ve been having has made my zinnias and dahlias absolutely gorgeous in the backyard! Yippee! I think I’ll cut some tomorrow morning to keep in the house this week. I love having fresh flowers.

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