5 Year Anniversary

Tomorrow will be our 5th wedding anniversary. Today, I picked Nathan up at work and he had a bouquet of flowers for me. We went out to eat at Yasmine’s Mediterranean restaurant (TASTEY!), then came home. I was checking my email and Nathan called me into the living room to see “something”. He told me I could have a seat because it was a “musical number”. I thought he was going to show me something funny on the tv. He walked over to the computer, pressed a button to start some music, then proceeded to serenade/lip synch to “I love you” by Vanilla Ice!!! I cracked up laughing while also tearing up cause it was so sweet… so like Nathan to do something so silly to show how much he loves me. I couldn’t believe he memorized the words!!! I love being married to him. Oh, he also signed his card that he gave me “Nathan Ice”. 🙂
Nathan is taking the day off tomorrow and we will go see a movie and go out to dinner. Sean is sleeping over at his cousin, Sarah’s, house tonight and tomorrow night.

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Keep up the good work in the romance dept Nathan.
You’re ole auntie is proud of ya. (Grin).

Vanessa, I loved your description of your date and entertainment. I love you guy’s very much, and am so happy that you are so very happy!

Love ya, Ilene

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