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34 weeks pregnant… just keep swimming!

Well, I’m 34 weeks pregnant, and definitely feeling like it, too.  I’m moving as slow as a turtle through mud and waddling like a duck!  People are starting to ask me how much longer I have and saying that I look like I’m “ready” and how low the baby looks like he is.  It’s not quite time for this little one to come out yet, so I hope he just keeps swimming for a little while longer.  They’ve scheduled my (3rd) c-section for 9/12.  After 2 failed labor attempts lasting around 2 days each, I decided I’d skip that part and get to the point.  My doc assures me that the recovery from this surgery will be much easier than a recovery after a difficult labor.  I’m praying she’s right.

I’m starting to get some final things ready… finishing cleaning out the closet in the baby’s room and starting to put things away.  My mom bought some newborn diapers for when we get home from the hospital… they are SO TINY!!!!  I’m hoping to use cloth diapers again for this one, but I need to buy some smaller sized covers and flat diapers because the ones I used for Mia are for over 20 pounds or so.  Using cloth really saves some money, and keeps all those diapers out of the landfill = win/win! We’ll probably need to pay about $130 for diapers that will fit for the whole first year or so of this babies life… sounds like a good deal to me, even if it means a few extra loads of laundry each week.

I still don’t have my bag packed.  If I remember, I totally overpacked  the last couple times I went to the hospital.  I was thinking that I’d want to get out of those hospital gowns and into my own clothing, but with the pain from the surgery, I was more comfortable in the oh-so-attractive hospital gowns.  I just wish they had them in different colors, aside from white and pink they use in the maternity ward.  Neither of those really flatters my skin tone.  🙂 Ha!  Maybe something like one of these


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