28 Weeks pregnant with Diabeetus

Boo!  I got my test results back yesterday from my awesome doc.  It is confirmed.  I have gestational diabetes again.  Bah!  I’m SO not looking forward to all the finger sticks, carb counting, and non-sugary drinks.  Doc said she’ll let me try to control it with diet alone before deciding whether to add in some meds.  I was able to get by with diet and oral meds with Mia.  Hopefully that would be the worst of it this time around too.  The good news is that another week has passed by, so we’re another week closer to meeting this no-name child!  We still haven’t been able to decide on a name, no matter what my mother calls him.  🙂

Aside from the “diabeetus”, I’ve started having this annoying pain in my hip/rear area.  I think it might be from pelvic girdle pain.  The pain can be so bad that I can’t move.  I often am limping around the house these days.  I started wearing a maternity support belt and that seems to help somewhat… it at least helps me to be able to be on my feet a little longer before pain sets in.  Even rolling over in bed is painful sometimes.  It’s pretty unpredictable what will set off the pain.  Even sitting still can be painful.  It’s the pits when I have it.  I was reading that some women’s pain can be so bad they have to use a walker for the remainder of the pregnancy.  Yikes!  Pregnancy really does a number on a woman’s body.   Maybe I’m just getting too old for having babies! Anyways, I have a check-up today, so we’ll see what the follow up plan is for the diabetes and the pain.

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