Spring at Home

We’ve been enjoying the beautiful weather here lately.  We even got a thunderstorm WITH some small hail and thunder today!!!  My little seedlings in the garden are happy.

We’ve been very busy recently with multiple doc appointments for a couple of the kids.  I’m so thankful that we are able to homeschool… the flexibility makes our schedule do-able.

Older son is in the early stages of preparing to get braces.  He just got a palate expander put in today.  Poor guy is in some discomfort, and is still re-learning how to speak and swallow with that thing in his mouth.  He’s also more drooly.  Note to Self:  change his pillowcases frequently. 🙂

Brown Eyed Girl went in last week to see her Primary Doc because she has been having some hip/back pain (in her Sacroiliac joint) for the past month or so.   The concern is that her body might be starting some joint inflammation and the sacroiliac joint is an area of concern because it could indicate ankylosing spondylitis.  She is also at a higher risk of developing ankylosing spondylitis because of the HLA-b27 gene that she has.  Anyways, the doc did x-rays and a few blood tests and all were negative, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that she isn’t starting to have problems with arthritis.  It could mean that it is early on in the disease.  So we have a follow-up with her Pediatric Rheumy next week.  In the mean-time, they have prescribed Naproxen for her pain and possible inflammation.  It is working well and she is back to running without pain. (Yay!) We had been giving  her Tylenol and Ibuprofen, but it wasn’t having any effect on her pain.  Hopefully we can get to the bottom of her pain and hopefully it is not arthritis.

Brown Eyed Girl also had an eye check up today.  It has been since December that we saw her Ophthalmologist.  Everything looks good.  No inflammation.  She does have some cloudiness on the posterior capsule of her eye and might need laser surgery to clear that up in the future… but for now, her vision was 20/20 with glasses, so we are pretty happy about that.  Her eye pressures are also good.  We are going to drop one of her glaucoma eye drops and hope that her pressures still stay down.  We will have a re-check in a month.  Yay for clear eyes!!!!

Our youngest  is still improving his art skills and draws a few pictures every day.  Hubby likes to say that he pretty much puts out a book of art every week.

Our homeschool year is starting to slow down a little.  Most of our little classes and playgroups pause or slow down during the Spring and Summer.  I’m thankful for this time of more relaxation and time to work in the garden.  Plus, more time for the kids to get dirty in the sand box and get soaked playing with water balloons and the hose.   This is also a time to play some catch up in some of the subjects where we fell behind a little.  It’s funny how a child can get behind in one subject but is already in the next grade level in another… Oh well… I’m sure it will all even out by graduation.  😀