home school sean

2nd grade kicks off tomorrow!

I finally finished the lesson plans for our 1st 6-week session for our homeschool.  We school mostly year-round, going for 6 weeks, then off for a week.  This schedule works for us and helps us not to get too burned out, but also prevents us from having to do much review after taking breaks.  Sean will be starting the 2nd grade tomorrow!  We’re starting early this year (August 1st), so that we can take a whole month off after this 6-week period since that coincides with when the new baby will be born (assuming that he doesn’t try to make an early appearance, that is).

I’ve had Sean’s books since about late June or early July, but hadn’t started lesson planning until last week.  Procrastination = how I roll.  It’s looking to be a fun and busy year.  Sean says he is most excited to start learning Spanish.  We’re also hoping to get him enrolled in the Homeschool Arts/Crafts and PE classes at our nearby community center again.  He really enjoyed that last year.

Mia is also excited to “do school”.  Nathan and I joke around that she is like me, and likes to do “scholarly” things…  she is always getting out some sort of flash cards and asking to do them with us.  I always asked my mom to buy me workbooks and things like that so I could do more school stuff at home.  I know… nerd, huh?  🙂  So while I was organizing all of our books this year, I made bins for Sean’s books. my teacher’s manuals and one for Mia’s “school work”.  It will be nice to have all her markers and papers all in one place so she can join us during school.

I’m very thankful that I have the opportunity to invest all this time in teaching and training the kiddos.  Thanks to my wonderful husband for all of his support!!!  Not just workin’ hard fo’ da money, but all the dishes he washes, grocery shopping he does, diapers he changes,  toys he puts away, tense shoulders he rubs :), kids he plays with (so I can get a quiet moment), never complaining when the house is a disaster or has a hard time finding clean socks, and for just all the LOVE he shows our family… you da bomb, baby!


A trip to Kansasia – Cimafranca Family Reunion

We traveled to Lawrence, KS for the official Cimafranca Family Reunion (My mom’s side).  We haven’t had a reunion since 1999, and there have been many additions thru births and marriages since then.  It was a great trip, and you could just tell how incredibly happy Grandma Peny was.  There were even cousins that my mom hadn’t seen since leaving the Philippines in the early 1970’s!  That was pretty neat.  They’ve been able to reconnect through Facebook.

The kids played and played with cousins, until they were worn out.  Nathan got eaten by chiggers (they were not invited to the reunion, but showed up anyways for a Nathan feast).  I mostly stayed indoors in a sitting position.  It was so hot, anytime I moved, I’d drip sweat.  Oh, I also ate and ate and ate some more delicious food.  The night we arrived, we were welcomed to Gyros and salad… YUM!  Then the Reunion party… Roasted pig (lechon), Chicken adobo, and all sorts of yummyness!  I really enjoyed getting to see the family!  I hadn’t seen lots of them in years and years.  We’re hoping we can do this more often.

I’m so thankful that many years ago, my Grandma made the decision to move to the US to continue teaching, and to give her kids more opportunities.  Since then, her children have spread out all over the US and raised families of their own.  Now her grandkids are raising her great grandkids.  I’m glad that lots of the family were able to gather this past weekend!  It was a blast!