Probably not the right place for this…

I had an unpleasant dinner the other night at a local restaurant.  There was a woman and her 2 children, one was preschool age, the other was elementary school aged.  The littler one kept crying and crying.  Soon after, the older one began crying and crying… not the throwing a fit type of cry… the emotional, hyperventilating, my heart is broken type of cry.  I didn’t mean to be dropping no eaves, but their mother was speaking loudly enough that anyone within the vicinity could hear what she was saying.  She was explaining to her 2 daughters that their mommy and daddy would no longer be married and living together, and how they would have to spend time with each of their parents separately from then on.  Their discussion continued with lots of questions from the kids, and crying… lots of crying.  My heart was breaking for those poor kids.  That was the saddest dinner out I’ve ever had… I can’t imagine how it must have been for that mom and her girls.  They’ll probably hate that restaurant from now on because of the sad memories it holds.


Tuna mail, camping trip

We were supposed to go camping this past weekend with friends in the Cuba, NM/ Jemez Springs area, but due to a couple forest fires that cropped up, the site changed to Durango, CO.  As much as I like Durango, I just couldn’t bear to do the drive with the 2 kids, for just a couple nights stay.   We ended up going camping in the Manzano Mountains (1.5 hours away, versus 3.5 hrs) with my SIL  and her family, and Nathan’s parents.  The weather was warm, but not too hot, and the nights were cool, but not freezing.  The campground (Red Canyon) had bathrooms (yay!), a stream that ran nearby, and there was hardly anyone there.  Nathan and I had to work a little bit to get our new tent set up.  We just got a bigger one to upgrade us from our 3 man tent.  The new one is supposed to fit 8 people, but with air mattresses and camping cots, I think 5 people would be the maximum.

Nathan made a checklist of things to bring, as did I, but some things that got overlooked were pillows and jackets.  you’d think those would have been on the top of the lists!  Nathan has learned that he can’t sleep without a pillow and Sean and I learned that even if it’s warm during the day, it can get pretty cool at night.  Seems no matter what, you always forget something important.  I got a new camp stove that takes about 30 minutes to boil water (that was the longest we’ve ever had to wait for instant oatmeal!).  But even thought it took a little while, it was a nice change to the usual PB&J’s that we normally have for camping when we don’t cook.  I also got to have my morning coffee… ahhhh, that was nice.  This was Mia’s first camping trip, and she did great.  She slept relatively well, and she loved being outside so much.

In other news, I had requested a free sample of tuna a little while back and I just received this email from the tuna folks:

“I am grateful for your interest in the fine tuna salads from The Queen of the Coast on  It shows your good taste and culinary cunning.

Thousands of Americans agreed that they needed to get in-touch with their inner tuna.  Due to this unprecedented response, your tuna samples will be delayed till after late July.  I send my heartfelt apology and want you to know we are fishing as fast as we can.    We will message you when it is coming so that you can be released from this great anticipation.

If you have received your tuna and enjoy it as I do, know that we have created a special store site, just for my friends.

Raphael, Your Royal Ambassador of Love”

The email made me laugh, so even if they never get around to sending me my free tuna, it was pretty worth the effort just to get an email from my Ambassador of Love.  Who knew tuna was so romantic?  😛