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Automated Call Back Service

I just tried to call Southwest Airlines for some information, but all the customer service reps were busy. They now give you an option to enter your phone number and receive a call back when it’s your turn in the queue. They say you don’t lose “your place” in the order of calls, and you don’t have to wait on the phone. They tell you approximately how many minutes it will take until you receive a call back. My range was between 13 and 21 minutes. Now… we’ll see if they call back.

UPDATE: They called back 15 minutes later. Nice.


“I can read now!”

Sean read his first book all by himself today. It was about a tan fat cat that ran fast. 🙂 He was so excited that he had to call Daddy at work to tell him. It’s pretty fun to get to share in his accomplishments… it’s like seeing him take those first steps all over again. 🙂

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Free Home School ID Card

I found a website that has a template to create your own home school ID cards for both students and teachers. I thought this might be helpful since there are often businesses that give discounts to students and/or educators but they often require an ID card. You can upload a picture to put on the card as well. The free version lets you print the card on your home printer (maybe a heavy card stock would be good), or you can pay $6.95 to have them print it a laminate it for you. That’s not that great a deal since you can print at home and have it laminated locally for cheaper than that.

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$$ saving Target trip

I went to Target tonight while Hubby watched the kids. I had a STACK of coupons on hand, some that I needed to use before they expired and for things that I know we needed. Well, after all was said and done, I paid $30.10 out of pocket, got a $5.00 gift card back for my next purchase, and had a total savings of $39.26 from coupons and sale prices. Ka-ching! For those of you who don’t know, you can really save a ton of money with coupons. MOST stores allow you to use a manufacturer’s coupon, along with a store coupon to double your savings. That’s how my bill got so low. Target is one of those stores. Anytime you have a manufacturer’s coupon that you plan on using at Target, also check this site to see if there are any Target coupons that match up with the item. By doing this, you can practically get items for free! Actually, I did get some free string cheese tonight. We didn’t really need any, but it was free, and that’s always within my price range. Coupon-ing rocks!