Baby Time

I go in tonight to the hospital for my labor to be induced. It’s go time! I’ve been spending the past few days getting extra snuggles and playtime in with Sean. He’s been pretty excited this week and keeps asking how many more sleeps until the baby is out of my belly. The only thing that he is not excited about is that I have to have a “sleep over” at the hospital. I’m certainly gonna miss my boy while I’m away. He’s been really sweet this week and giving me extra snuggles. I can’t imagine what it will be like having 2 sweet kiddos to snuggle!!!!

Poor Nathan will likely be exhausted after taking care of me during labor and staying at the hospital. Plus he’ll possibly have to work pretty soon after the baby is born. Poor guy.

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Butter vs. Margarine… don’t panic.

I received an email urging people to cut out margarine from their diets because it is so unhealthy. It was urging people to consume butter instead. I tend to not believe these types of emails without further research, and rather enjoy researching the information presented in them to find out whether it is fact or fiction. HERE is more information on the email that has been circulating for a while now. First of all, I don’t think that either butter or margarine are very good for you. That being said, there were some things that were stated in the email that I thought should be brought up.

The most disturbing claim was that “Margarine is but ONE MOLECULE away from being PLASTIC”

Okay, if you think about it, saying that is just silly. Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)is one ATOM away from water (H2O). Oxygen gas (O2) is one atom away from poisonous Ozone gas (O3). Table salt (NaCl) is one atom away from Chlorine (Cl). See? Who ever put that in the original email was just trying to panic people. I don’t like being motivated by panic, so that’s why I like to find out the facts.

Some other things :

Margarine is high in trans fatty acids”

This used to be true, but if you read the labels these days, many of the margarines/spreads on the market currently have 0 trans fat, and no cholesterol either (whereas 1 Tbsp. of butter contains 30 mg of cholesterol). And so if there are no more trans fats in most of the margarines, then the following aren’t currently true (for those spreads containing 0 trans fats) anymore because the following claims are simply based on research pertaining to trans fats in general, not specifically to margarine:

Margarine lowers quality of breast milk”

Margarine decreases immune response”

Decreases insulin response”

And finally, there’s the claim that “Butter has been around for centuries where margarine has been around for Less than 100 years”

That statement is suggesting that butter is healthier for you because it has been around a while. While this is true that butter is older than margarine, just because something has been around for a long time, it doesn’t mean it is beneficial, or even safe. Anyone remember medicinal leeching? Yeah, that’s been around for a long time too. People still do it, and you can even buy leeches online. The safety or benefits of something shouldn’t be based on longevity, but by using research that is unbiased as in the blind experiment method.


38 weeks pregnant

I’ll be 38 weeks pregnant in a couple days. All is going well. I’m still able to manage the gestational diabetes pretty well with diet and oral meds. According to my OB, they may induce me at 40 weeks, as opposed to 39 weeks, which I had previously thought. I’ve asked her to discuss with the high-risk OB doc the possiblility of not inducing as long as all the tests and ultrasounds continue to go well. We’ll see what they say. You kind of have to weight the pros and the cons of induction versus waiting to see if it’s worth the risk or not. My due date according to my chart is January 29th, not the 28th like I had thought, but that’s no big difference. They’re going by a dating ultrasound that I had earlier in the pregnancy to come up with that due date. My next ultrasound to get an estimate of the baby’s weight is on January 19th. I’m seeing my OB every week right now, plus going in for fetal non-stress testing twice a week and an ultrasound to check my amniotic fluid index once a week. Lots of appointments! I’m still feeling pretty good. I’m starting to slow down. I can’t walk around comfortably as much as before. The baby doesn’t seem to have “dropped” yet, but I’m starting to have more and stronger practice contractions, mostly when I am up and around a bunch. I had a hard time getting from one end of Costco to the other the other night because of some mild contractions. I had to walk nice and sloooooow. So yeah, if you were one of the people there staring at the pregnant lady walking really slow and wondering if I was in labor, that was me, and no I was not… it was just my uterus getting some practice.

Nathan’s work has asked that he try to be available (on call?) on the 29th and afterwards because that’s a transition time for PNM to have the gas and electric portions of the company split. Great timing, huh? So now Nathan has to train a co-worker to be his back up, just in case we’re busy having a baby. My other idea is to have a delivery room set up in the 3rd floor conference room of the PNM building… that could work too.

My baby shower just passed this weekend. It was lots of fun, great food, great friends and just a grand old time without the boys being there. I’m sort of in an anti-nesting phase as of this week… I don’t want to do much cleaning or preparing of the house at this point. That seems to have passed when I was 7 months pregnant. What I really want to do is sleep in late, make time for my afternoon nap, read, and go to bed early. 🙂 My energy is starting to wane. I guess it’s a different kind of nesting, in a way… kind of like how a bird will just sit on the egg and just wait… that’s what I want to do… sit on my egg and wait for hatching time. It will come soon enough and I know that when hatching time comes, I won’t be getting much sleep after that for a while. Wow, I need a nap just from typing all of this! 🙂


“Walmart : The high cost of low prices”

I just watched a documentary (“Walmart : The high cost of low prices” – available to watch instantly on Netflix) that talked about many of the unethical practices of Walmart. It covered various things such as the fact that many of its employees are underpaid and living with incomes well below the poverty levels, employees being forced to work without overtime, the lack of humane conditions in their overseas factories, the measures the company takes to try to keep their employees from forming unions (and therefore getting more rights and higher wages), and many, many other disturbing things that the company practices in order to keep money rolling in. In the documentary, they spoke to many former walmart employees. Many of them were managers who talked about the unfair and unethical practices that they were forced to do because it’s what the corporate offices told them to. For example, they were taught how to anonymously change peoples time sheets so that it wouldn’t reflect any overtime they may have worked. I personally don’t like to shop there even if they can offer better prices on some things. I often complain about the long lines and lack of open check-out lanes. Apparently, this is part of the plan. If you’re short-staffed, then less money gets paid out to employees and more of it goes towards the sales for the store. I had heard about some of the bad practices that Walmart uses to keep costs down, but I had no idea the extent. I also don’t like the fact that their mere existence tends to close down locally owned shops that have been open for years. I happened upon this website that talks about some of the things that were mentioned in the documentary. I found the documentary pretty distrubing. It’s pretty surprising that such a wealthy company shares so little of its wealth with those people who work day in and day out to keep them making money. One thing that struck me was the part about the overseas factories and the working conditions and amount of (or lack thereof) pay the workers receive. One example shown in the documentary was for a toy where the cost to assemble it (includes materials and payment for worker) was 18 cents and then Walmart turns around and sells the item for almost $15! That made my jaw drop. And those factory workers are fearful of losing their jobs, so they can’t complain. Ugh! I just got so annoyed after seeing that documentary!