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Who is that, Mommy?

I was reading the news on, and Sean saw a picture of John McCain. He said, “who is that, Mommy?”. I told him it was John McCain and that he wants to be the president of the country. Sean looked at me and said, “I’m John McCain and I approve this message.”

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Pregnancy invisibility super power

I think it was when I was pregnant with Sean, I was at a local asian grocery store. I believe I was standing near the check out counter, waiting while my mom was paying. There was a little old Asian lady pushing a cart near me and i thought she would walk right past me, since there was plenty of room. Well, she bumped her cart into me instead… repeatedly… saying nothing to me, just bumping me, not hurting me, just gently bumping me…repeatedly. I kept looking at her because I wasn’t sure what she was doing. I thought maybe she’d apologize and walk around me. But no… just bumped…repeatedly. So I stepped away from the cash register and moved out of the way. She walked on like nothing had happened. That was bizarre.

Yesterday, I ventured to walmart. I already don’t like going there because of the long lines and crowdedness of the place. While I was in line and waiting to swipe my card and pay and get my receipt, the elderly woman behind me kept bumping (almost pushing) into me (with her body, not her cart)… repeatedly. The cashier hadn’t started ringing up her items yet… she was still finishing my transaction. Bump. Bump. Bump… repeatedly. I’m waiting for my card to process now. Bump. Bump. Bump… The cashier is staring at the lady behind me… Bump. Bump. Bump. I looked down at the tiny lady behind me and she says, “Oh, I keep bumping into you!”… and then it continues… bump. bump. bump. Waiting for my receipt to print up. bump. Bump. Bump. I get my receipt and tell the cashier to have a nice day. One last bump before I walk away. Now you might wonder if she had some sort of medical condition that made her unable to keep herself stable as she was standing. She was perfectly fine and not invading my bubble while we were farther back in line, so I don’t think that’s it.

Maybe I develop some sort of invisibility super power when I’m pregnant that only manifests itself when I’m standing adjacent to cash register. Is that possible? Maybe I become magnetic when I’m pregnant, hence the shopping cart being drawn to me and perhaps the other lady had a metal hip or something. I don’t know. It will forever remain a mystery to me.


Bistec a la Mexicana

I love to watch Rick Bayless’ show “Mexico – One Plate at a Time” on PBS. Yesterday he made “Bistec a la Mexicana”. He stir fried some thin cut beef steaks that were cut into strips. While cooking the steak, he made a simple tomato salsa with 2 large fresh tomatoes, 2 serrano peppers, 1 garlic clove and a handfull of fresh cilantro. He put all that stuff into a food processor and made the salsa. Once the beef was done, he removed it from the pan and cooked the salsa in the same pan until the liquid was reduced a little bit. Then he added the beef back into the pan and cooked it to let the flavors come together. Add some salt, and voila! A very tasty dish! Serve with rice and black beans and garnish with green onions and sour cream. I made this tonight and it’s definitely worth making again. It’s tasty and so easy to make too. Yum!


21 Weeks Pregnant

I had another prenatal appointment this morning. My doc and I discussed the ultrasound findings with baby’s heart and agreed that it may not be of any significance. She also mentioned that in the ultrasound report, it said that my placenta was too low (placenta previa). My doc said that as my uterus grows, the placenta could move upwards as well, or it could just stay low. If it stays low I’ll have to have another C-section. I’m okay with it if I have to have the surgery. The recovery went well last time and I know we have tons of friends and loved ones to help out while I recover. It would just be nice not to have to be cut open ( I suppose that generally is a good thing). On the other hand, if I have to have a C-section, that means it would be planned and I wouldn’t have to endure labor this time around. So of course, we’ll do whatever is safest for the baby. The risks of a repeat C-section versus not having one are pretty much the same for me. I have another ultrasound in mid-October to check on the position of the placenta. I’m hoping it moves.


Itsa Girl!

I’m 20 weeks pregnant now. We went in for an ultrasound today and the sonographer said she thinks the baby is a GIRL. 🙂 The baby was moving quite a bit… the sonographer had a hard time getting some of the pictures she needed to get. Just about everything with the ultrasound looked fine. The only thing the sonographer saw was a little white spot when she look at the baby’s heart. They called it an “echogenic focus”. They think it’s just a small calcification on the heart muscle, but it doesn not affect the heart at all. We did have to meet with a genetic counselor because they say that it can be an indication that there is a slight risk that the baby has Down’s Syndrome. As it turns out, after talking to the counselor and doing some research on my own, there is less than a half a percent (0.5%) that the baby would have Down’s Syndrome. I also found out that in Asians (which I am), up to 30% of pregnancies can show an echogenic focus/foci. I have the option to have another blood test to screen for Down’s Syndrome, but false positives can be common with that test. So I think we will just skip further testing, and not worry and leave it to God. There isn’t anything that we would change with the pregnancy anyways, and there isn’t anything that we’d be able to do about it. Either way, this baby will be loved and squished bunches and bunches. Another thing the genetic counselor said is that having the spot on the heart is pretty common and in some practices, they don’t even mention it to the patients because in most cases, it means nothing. Also, many babies born with Down’s Syndrome don’t ever show the spot(s) on ultrasound. So as far as I’m concerned, it probably doesn’t mean anything significant.

It was pretty neat to see the baby moving around a bunch inside. I couldn’t feel it most of the time, I think because she was facing my spine, instead of my tummy. I’ve had a feeling that the baby was a girl. Everytime I told Nathan that, he’d just shrug his shoulders and say “I guess you have a 50/50 chanceof being right”. During the ultrasound, Sean saw an image on the screen and he said “It looks like a hippo”. So there ya have it… Sean thinks I’m having a hippo. I wonder if he’ll start asking when the hippo will hatch from my belly.