Bad Driver

I was at a line at a stoplight today. We were all stopped and the light was still red. Then the lady behind me bumped her car into ours, out of nowhere. I moved up so she wouldn’t be touching the car… another little bump. Ummm…hello? You need to KEEP your foot on the break to STAY stopped. I didn’t stop right in traffic because I knew there wouldn’t be any damage. I saw her turning into a parking lot after the light, so I turned in as well. I was going to confront her and tell her that even though she didn’t damage the car, she needs to be more careful driving. Unfortunately I lost her when she went into Costco. Thankfullyu no was hurt and no damage. But what if someone was walking between our cars at the wrong moment? OUCH!


Eye Exams for Cats and Dogs

I took my cat to the vet today. She’s been having eye issues… pretty sure she’s going blind. But she’s old, so I’m not too surprised. Her regular vet wants me to take her to an animal eye doctor. I called the office to see how much an eye exam is, thinking it would be pretty comparable to the eye appointments that Nathan and I get. We pay about $90 per year for an eye exam AND contact lens fitting. How much do you think the Cat’s eye exam is? ***********$200********** I’m shocked! Do cats and dogs get better eye care than humans? So yeah, needless to say, Nathan and I both think that the cat is old, and yes, she’s going blind, but as long as she’s not in pain and is living a pretty normal life, we’ll forego the $200 exam.