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mmmm, bacon

Nathan mentioned Bacos and bacon on his site the other day. It reminded me of a t-shirt I saw Rick Bayless (chef) wearing on his show last week. It said “bacon is meat candy”. I thought that was funny… and true. So I googled “bacon meat candy” and found this site where you can get a t-shirt of your very own, plus bacon air fresheners and bacon bandaids for that bacon enthusiast in your life. Air fresheners and bandages are also great gifts for the vegetarians in your life (you know they miss the smell of bacon, afterall, who wouldn’t?). Go on… you know you want to.


something artsy I want to try

I’ve been thinking of using fabric as wall decor, so I started researching it a bit online. At first I thought I’d use a plain white canvas and attach the fabric to that, but this website has a better idea. Now to decide on a fabric…

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Make sure before you wave like a maniac!

Sean and I were at the library the other day and apparently, some guy thought he recognized me. I was still in the car talking on my cell phone, and he walked to the front of the car and started waving and making googley faces at me like he knew me really well. It was very strange. I got kinda scared to get out of the car since there was no one else passing by at the moment, so I kept talking on the cell phone and took off my sunglasses so he would see that I’m not who he thought I was. He finally did and he walked away like it never happened. Very odd… so anyways, before you start waving at someone like a maniac and making googley eyes at them, make sure you know them first.