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Tent Rocks, Cochiti Lake, Santa Fe

The weather was so beautiful today, so we decided to head a little ways out of town and do some walking around Tent Rocks. The sky was SO BLUE compared to the white cliffs and the rock formations. Beautiful place to walk around. Afterwards, we headed to Cochiti Lake and played with rocks and sticks. I skipped a few rocks successfully… I’m pretty bad at that. Sean and I splashed each other a little bit using our sticks in the water. I found a good stick to hit little rocks into the water like golf balls. Nathan and I talked about how we need to try kayaking or canoeing sometime. We saw someone that had a kayak and some little contraption that extended floats on each side to keep the kayak from flipping. Yeah, I’d need that. Once we got our fill of playing with rocks and sticks, we drove to Santa Fe and had dinner at Tomasita’s Restaurant. It was pretty yummy, but the chile was picoso… spicy. We had a wonderful day. 🙂 Check out the pics of Tent Rocks on my pictures page.