Yoda vs. Vader Powerpoint Presentations

I stumbled over this on the net today. It tickled me.

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Wing Stop vs. Wing Basket

We ate at Wing Stop this afternoon after sledding. Nathan and I both agreed that it was definitely better than Wing Basket. We tried the “Original Hot Wings” and the “Hawaiian Wings”. Both are pretty good. Also purchased a large (boy, do they mean large! more than a pound!) french fries. We finally found a place that penalizes us for sharing a drink… they don’t allow refills on soft drinks if you share. They’re a Coke establishment (we prefer Pepsi), but at least they serve Dr. Pepper. I was slightly disappointed in the blue cheese dressing that we got to dip the hot wings in… tasted like ranch with blue cheese crumbles in it, but was still tasty. I wouldn’t have minded a bit more “kick” to the hot wings, but I wonder how hot their “atomic” wings are… that might be pushing it. When Nathan first brought the food to the table, he told me to smell the hot wings. They sure burn the nose when you smell them, but definitely weren’t as hot as they smelled. Overall, I’d give Wing stop 3 and a half out of 5.

Albuquerque family

First Time Sledding

Nathan, Sean and I went sledding up in the Sandias today. It was both Sean’s and my first time sledding. There was a small hill and a big hill. Sean was able to go down the small hill by himself. Nathan had fun on the big hill, and even conquered a couple big jumps on it, too. I went down the big hill twice, but I was scared! I don’t really like to go fast, even when I’m snowboarding, and you can’t really control where you’re going, so you could hit big bumps and fall off. I’m such a chicken! 🙂 The sleds we borrowed from some friends really got going. They were like boogie boards, but for snow. After going down the big hill twice, I told Nathan I would take Sean to the small hill and play with him there. The small hill was more my speed. haha! I was having more fun on the hill with the little kids, than on the regular hill. Nathan said that I need to try the big hill with a big inner tube, and that I would probably enjoy that more. The tubes did seem to go a bit slower, and they’re cushier, so when you hit bumps, it probably doesn’t hurt as much. I’ll definitely try the big hill next time if we have some big tubes. Now, where do we find big tractor size inner tubes?


Old Man Shoplifter

Another strange thing happened yesterday. After our crazy time at Target, we decided to hit one of the thrift stores on the way home. On our way out, there was a police car with the officer speaking to an elderly man. As we were walking past, the old man was showing his ID to the officer. My mom said, “he was shoplifting.” I was surprised. My mom said that he had tried to walk out of the thrift store with a suede vest that he didn’t pay for and the police were called. What an interesting day it was.


Microchipping Dogs

I took Cookie in for her Rabies shot today and learned that from the new animal ordinance in Albuquerque (effective last Fall), pets are required to be microchipped. That was a $40 surprised that popped up at the Vet’s office, but I suppose it could come in handy if she ever got loose. According to the ordinance, you also must spay or neuter your animal or pay a $150 “intact permit” each year. And if you want to breed your animals, you must obtain a $150 “litter permit” every 6 months. I don’t understand why people feel the need to breed their animals. Here’s a site that talks about why you should spay and neuter your pets and discusses the excuses that people often give as to why they don’t want to spay and neuter their pets. There’s so many animals being euthanized because they don’t have a home… we certainly don’t need to add any more to the problem. If you’re looking for a pet, check at your local animal care center. If you’re in the 505, check here.


Where’s my Soda, Mommy?

Sean, my mom and I went to Target today and were shopping when an employee announced over the loud speaker that everyone needed to come to the front of the store. She kept repeating that we all needed to get to the front of the store, and her voice was getting louder, almost in a panic. We all scurried to the front of the store (it was like a shopping cart race), then they told us we needed to leave all our carts and merchandise and go into the parking lot. We stood by the front doors for about a minute and none of us knew what was going on, then we overheard a man say that there was a guy being chased by the cops and he ran into the store. Mom and I decided we’d wait by the car in case anything crazy was about to happen. Several cop cars drove up as we were walking to our car. A couple officers ran around the back of the building, and I saw others going into the store with guns. That was our cue to leave and do our shopping another time.

Sean was upset because in the rush of trying to get him out of the cart, and get all our stuff together, I left his popcorn and soda in the cart. Most of the way home, it was, “where’s my soda? Where’s my popcorn?”. Mom was upset cause she had to leave the shirts she was going to buy for $2 each. I just wanted to get outta there, especially after seeing the police with their guns. What a fiasco!

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Send Your Love from Loveland

Valentine’s day is coming up. If you’ll be mailing your sweetheart a card, consider having it Remailed from Loveland, CO. You mail them a pre-addressed, pre-stamped card and the Loveland Post Office will send it off with the postmark showing it’s from “Loveland” and a special stamped message on it. You can also purchase cards online from their website. Remember, some say “Love is like a river…”

food games

Super Puzzle LOSER!; Klondike Bar varieties

Nathan and I played several games of Super Puzzle Fighter last night. I used to be able to beat him, but he schooled me greatly. Alas, I have lost my mad puzzle skillz!
We’ve been indulging in Klondike Bars of late. Buy one get one free sales at Albertson’s are the bizzomb! We have the Krunch kind and the Oreo kind. There’s apparently several different varieties that I’ve never even seen! I’d like to try the Peppermint Patty and the Cheesecakes ones. MMMM, sounds good, ya? I guess I better work out now. 🙂



We watched the Donner cut of Superman II last night. Interesting changes from the Superman II that was released in theaters. “Kneel before Zod” makes me giggle every time I hear it. Tee-hee! I liked how Lois tricked Superman into revealing his identity in the Donner cut.

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Envy never looked so cute

How cute is this? No, it’s not a Sledgehammer. 🙂

This the ENV (prounounced “envy”), a hydrogen powered motorcycle. It’s only exhaust output is pure water… how cool is that? Oh to live in a place that had no winter, riding along on your eco-friendly motorcycle, feeling the wind in your hair. Lucky!