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New CD, new workout

I got my new Michael Buble Cd today. It’s his first release. I’ve been totally addicted to the first one I got a little while back. I’ve listened to it over and over and over again… thankfully, it’s on the mp3 player, so I haven’t worn out the Cd. If you don’t know who Michael Buble is, the best way that I can describe his music is that his style is similar to Sinatra, but with some modern-ness to it. Anyways, his voice is really easy to listen to… at least to me and he does some pretty good cover songs. I do think he drives Nathan insane, though. When he hears one of his songs, he probably loses a hair from the top of his head and has it grow in his ear to try to muffle the sound.

I also got a new workout DVD. It’s from the series put out by Prevention Magazine. I’ll post about it on my weightloss page and workout dvd review page. I sat and watched it all the way through, and eventually got motivated to move since it looked pretty fun.

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Fun and Games

Nathan loves strategy games and games where there is not much “luck” involved. Me? I love word games and brain teaser type games. I finally got Nathan to play Boggle with me last night. I remembered it was really fun, but boy, I could play that game for hours upon hours! We finally had to stop to get Sean ready for bed. I also recently found a site called “Playwithyourmind” that has all kinds of different games that make you think. There’s all kinds of word, math, memory, logic, focus and other types of games there. It’s not full of fancy schmancy graphics, but the site kept me occupied for much longer than I should have been playing.


Clearance Halloween Candy

I bought some bags of chocolate at Walgreens the other day for $0.49 each. They have little “halloween” jokes on them. Here’s the best one I found:

Q: What do spiders do on rainy days?

A: Surf the web!

Yes, that actually made me laugh out loud. 🙂 Here’s another one:

Q: What do you call pumpkin sports stars?

A: Jock-o-lanterns!

Thank you and goodnight!


Boggle Anyone?

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I LOVE to play Scrabble. I also loved to play Boggle when I was little. I finally was able to buy Boggle this weekend. I’m so excited to play! No one seems to share my enthusiasm though! I’ve had the game for 3 whole days now, and no one has wanted to play! Can you believe it? 🙂 I’ve realized that not many people find word games as fun as I do. Lots of people have told me that they’re “too hard” or you have to “think too much”. Whenever I hear that, it reminds of an episode of the Cosby Show where Cliff is lecturing Theo about his bad grades and not trying hard enough to learn. He tells Theo, “You’re afraid to try because you’re afraid your brain is going to explode and it’s going to ooze out of your ears.” So don’t be afraid to try playing a game where where you have to think… you might learn something new. Chances are, your brain will NOT explode and ooze out your ears. 🙂


A tear for Koury’s

Our favorite Mediterranean deli closed recently. We didn’t know it until yesterday. Nathan took the day off so we could have a family day, and we had planned on eating at Koury’s for lunch. I got out of the car and saw a big “for lease” sign. I said “Nathan Alter, they closed down!!!” Nathan got out of the car and laughed… I don’t think he believed me. Then he saw the sign for himself. We were very sad. If anyone knows if they’ve just changed locations (one can hope, can’t they?), PLEASE leave a comment and let us know. They had the bestest gyros in town!


New Nephew!

Our new little nephew was born yesterday in Houston, TX. My brother and sis-in-law welcomed Andrew Samuel Romillo into the world at 1:58 pm. He weighed 6 lbs., 11 oz. and was 18 1/2 inches long. I haven’t gotten to see pictures yet, but I’m sure there will be some up on the Romillo Family website pretty soon.
UPDATE: Here’s a couple pics of the lad and his mommy.


Flu Shots

Sean and I went in for our annual Flu shots today. He did relatively well… screamed a couple times, then got a lollipop and quickly calmed down. Then he got to put a band-aid on my arm after I got my flu shot. My brother wants my my mom to get a flu shot since she will be visiting them for Thanksgiving and they’ll have a new baby (expected to make his debut around the end of the week). When I told my mom, she said she didn’t want to get a flu shot because they “make her sick”. This is a myth. The “flu shot” is made up of inactive (killed) virus particles, and therefore, cannot give you the flu. There is, however, a nasal flu vaccine that is made of weakened virus that may cause some people to have mild flu-like symptoms. While the flu shot cannot make you get the flu, it is not 100% effective against ALL flu viruses that exist. Each year, the vaccines are comprised of several specific strains of Influenza Virus that are believed to be prevalent during the coming flu season (this is based on studies done by the World Health Organization) . So it is possible to get a flu shot and still get sick with the flu… probably, one of the stains of Influenza that was not included in the current year’s flu vaccine. Getting the flu shot simply decreases your chances of getting the flu. You can also still get a COLD even if you get the flu shot. Many people mistake the common cold for the flu. This may be why so many people think that the flu shot either doesn’t work at all, or makes you sick. If you get a flu shot and then come down with a runny nose, cough, congestion, etc., don’t assume it’s from getting the flu shot. You either have a cold, or if it is truly an influenza virus, it may be a strain that you were not vaccinated against. Remember, the flu shot has killed virus in it, so it cannot give you the flu. For more info, check out the CDC flu website.

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Sean’s First Dental Visit

Sean had his first trip to the Dentist today and boy did he do great! He was a little unsure at first about letting the hygienist take a look, but he soon warmed up to her after getting to go up and down in the “robot chair”. Every time it went up, I told him he was flying like Superman. He let her count his teeth, and polish them, and the Dentist got to take a good look too. Everything looked good… hope it stays that way. They even took digital pictures of his teeth and of him for his records. He thought that water sprayer and the suction thing were hilarious! they’d rinse his teeth and suck out the water, and he’d just giggle!