PDA Amnesia

I was looking for something on my PDA last night, so I got it off the docking staion. When i turned it on, it wanted me to set it up as if I had just bought it. All the programs we installed on it were gone, as well as any information like contacts and email. I put it back on the docking staion hoping that my computer would give it back all of its “memories”, but no luck. My computer wanted me to go thru all the set up all over again too. Alas, I’m having to reinstall all the numerous programs we had on it… all the games, bible programs… everything! What a pain! Grrr, I say to the PDA! Nathan thinks that maybe it got shocked when it was put on the docking staion or something. Thankfully, I have all the contacts on my desktop, so that’s fully restored. And Nathan wonders why I still use paper for somethings. 🙂


Big Boy Bed

I got Sean’s room all set up so he’s out of his toddler bed and sleeping in a queen size bed now. His crib converted to a toddler sized daybed, but sometimes he fell out of it during the night and woke up screaming. I figured this would solve the problem. The toddler bed was a bad design because it didn’t have a side rail, so he rolled right out of it.


Next size down

I’m happy to say that I bought a couple of tops today and they were size “large” instead of “extra large”. YAAAY! XL used to be too small for me about 2 months ago. Seems the exercise is paying off. I’m at 2 weeks of exercising regularly (3-6 times/wk). My next aim is to get my portion sizes under control. Check out my workout blog here. One thing that I noticed is that my upper body and lower body tone up and slim down quicker than my midsection. How annoying!


Public Access TV

Today on Public Access: Guy chopping wood.

technology web

Google Conversions

I was reading a recipe from someone in the UK and it called for the oven temp to be 220 Celcius. I googled “220 Celsius to fahrenheit” and it gave the coversion (220 C = 428 F, by the way). Handy tool, that is. I think I’ve used Google before to convert kilograms and pounds as well.


Faux Coffee=Goooooood

Bought some Hazelnut Belgian Cafe’ today. Faux Coffee is good! Nevermind that “real” stuff from beans and such… just gimme that super sugary powdered coffee and dump twice as much as the directions tell you to use into my mug, and I’m good to go!


Tree down, can’t swim

I had planned on taking Sean swimming today with Sarah, Amanda, and Shila, but a rare thunderstorm took over the Northeast Heights of Albuquerque for a while. It apparently downed a tree (lightning?) and knocked out power to the swimming pool, so they had to close. Poor Sean cried all the way back home “swimming pool, wahh”. He was pretty disappointed. The lightning seemed to have gone away by the time we got home, but it was still sprinkling, so I let him play in the rain for a bit.

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ear buds

In the search for decent earbuds, we thought we had found the best ones. The Sony Fontopia in ear headphones with interchangeable rubber cushions have been the most comfortable so far. But those run around $40. This weekend, i found a cheaper alternative at Linens and Things (of all places) for only $20. They come with 3 different sizes of rubber cushions, so you can “customize” the fit a little better. The Fontopias come with only 2 sizes, but add a longer cord. I wore the new ones on my walk this morning and they work great. They block out sound since they fit into your ear, and I didn’t notice any sound problems. Wahoo! They’re made by Griffin Technology. Patents pending. Made in China. Oh, and they’re called “ear thumps” instead of ear buds… maybe that’s how they were able to copy Sony’s design. “No, no, they’re completely different than Sony’s ear buds… these are ear thumps! The only ear thumps on the market!”
UPDATE: I found on that the Sony Fontopias have been marked down to $25 from $40. So there ya go. Now the big name brand will only cost you $5 more, plus shipping, of course.

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Bug Dream

Anyone seen King Kong (the newer version)? Anyways, there’s a part in there with really big bugs in it. We watched it the other night. Last night I had a dream that there were really large bug creatures that had wings like butterflies, but they bit you like a mosquito. A few landed on my arm and so I swatted them and they stuck to my arm. After I washed them off, there was still a butterfly-like tatoo left on my arms that was really pretty.

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Active Day

Sean and I got up (rather, Sean got ME up) at 9:30 this morning. Shortly after, I decided to take him on a brisk walk so I could workout a bit. After the walk, we headed over to the playground so he could play and get his “workout”. Nearby, Sean saw the sprayground, and kept asking to play in the water. So we went back home and got our swimsuits on and went to the spray ground. Of course, after we got there, Sean didn’t want to play in the water much… I had more fun than he did. Anyways, we frolicked around there for a bit (frolicked because running is not allowed), then we went home. By the time we got home, Nathan was (finally) awake after staying up til 3 last night. So we went out for lunch (Koury’s greek food is DA BEST!) since it was already after 1 pm. Then we got home, Sean took a nap, and we watched King Kong (kinda scary, pretty sad). Then after Sean woke up, we all (including Nathan and the dog) walked to the playground again. Cookie (the dog) and I had to leave early because she got bit by a red ant, and it was making her limp and show general discomfort. So we came home and I finally sat down for a little while. Pretty busy day, if ya ask me.

So I’m starting back on my workout kick… I had fallen off the wagon, so to speak, for a little while. I did pretty good this week though. I’m planning on starting a program that’ll have me working out 6 days a week, but the workouts are not too tedious… walking/running and some moderate weight training. Pretty doable, as long as I make the time to do it. I’m probably gonna start a weight loss blog mostly for my benefit, so I can keep track of progress, or lack thereof. I think it’s time to get serious about dropping my excess poundage. Anyways, if anyone is interested, check it out here.