14 Years of Marriage, 3 More Weeks of Eye Drops, and a Partridge in a Pear Tree.

Nathan and I are celebrating 14 years of marriage today.  14 years of fun, laughter, love, being nerdy together, celebrating birthdays together, and just sheer awesomeness.  <3

M had another follow-up today.  Her eye is clear, no inflammation, eye pressures are pretty good.  We are decreasing her steroid drop even more (every other day), while keeping her pressure lowering drop to twice a day.  Then in 3 weeks, we are stopping the drops.  We have a follow-up with the doc in about a month and a half, and as long as the Methotrexate is working, she should still be flare free by then.  Please pray that it happens.  It’s exciting, and a little scary at the same time, but I know God is in control.  She also has a follow-up with the Rheumatologist tomorrow, so hopefully that goes well.  She will be due for some blood tests pretty soon… not fun, but necessary.

We all went out for National Coffee Day tonight.  Thanks Krispy Kreme for the donuts and coffee!!!  You helped make our little anniversary celebration special (and cheap).  🙂

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