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12/5/14 Eye Update

Today’s check-up went well.  Mia’s inflammation is no longer active.  It has mostly cleared up.  Whoo-hoo!!! We will be tapering down on the corticosteroid eye drops 6x/day this week, 4x/day next week, 3x/day the following week, 2x/day for a week, 1x/day another week, then no drops for a week before going in for her next follow-up in 7 weeks.  She still has a couple of spots of scar tissue on her iris, but the pupil shape has improved. We will continue with her eye drops for dilation until further notice.

The only problem today was that her ocular pressure was a little high.  This is likely due to the use of the steroid eye drops.  Since we have to continue using the steroid drops, we also have to add in another eye drop to combat the ocular hypertension twice a day.  So we are still having to do a TON of eye drops, but there is an end in sight.  After tapering down on the steroid drops, she may be able to go without them, or only need them occasionally to keep her eye healthy.

Her eye doc is happy with how things are progressing (as am I).  We still don’t have an appointment date for the pediatric rheumatologist since we are still waiting for pre-approval from insurance.  Mia’s vision is still improving little by little.  Since our next appointment isn’t until January 16, this will be the last eye update for 2014, assuming things go as planned and continue improving.  Thanks to everyone for the prayers and well-wishes!

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