10 Day Detox Book

The word “detox” normally makes me cringe, but I picked up The Blood Sugar Solution 10 Day Detox Diet book the other day because it came recommended by one of my favorite fitness DVD people.  I started reading it and while I agreed with the points being made in terms of the food they suggest eating (REAL food, non-processed, no sugar added, no artificial sweeteners, high fiber, lower carb, etc.), I was annoyed that it wasn’t until several chapters in that they tell you that you also need “supplements” for the detox diet.  Also, the most important supplement (PGX) is one that they sell on the website for the book and it is expensive (Surprise!).  This PGX supplement is said to be a very important part of the whole “diet”. Grr! I didn’t get the book because I wanted a magic pill. The funny thing is that the “pill” that is so important isn’t really magical either.  It’s just a fiber supplement that will make you feel full and prevent spikes in your blood sugar since it takes longer to digest any food that is taken along with the fiber.  How about instead of taking a fiber supplement you just eat more healthy, fiber-rich foods?  That seems more logical that popping a pill that has claims that haven’t been FDA approved and has barely more than small scale “studies” and personal testimonials to back it up.

All of that being said, I will try the food recipes because they look tasty.  Also, the book reminded me that losing weight isn’t necessarily just a matter of calorie intake versus calories burned.  It matters where we get our calories from since the body reacts to spikes in blood sugar differently than if you get your calories from foods that don’t cause the spikes.  So having a milkshake and a salad isn’t the same as having chicken and salad, even if it’s the same number of calories.

I will continue to increase my fruit and vegetable intake and eliminate processed and sugary foods form my diet.  I won’t be trying the fiber supplement since it’s expensive and it seems healthier to just adjust your diet with actual food instead of trying to take a short cut with a pill.  If any of the recipes are great, I’ll probably blog about it.  If not, this is the last you’ll hear of this book.  Overall, the book is an interesting read, but I wish I borrowed it instead of bought it.  Anyone want to buy my used copy when I’m done with it?  Can you return books to Costco? Oh yeah, it’s cheaper at Costco than Amazon.  Just sayin’.

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