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I am lactose intolerant.

Albuquerque Aquarium and Botanical Gardens

I took Nathan to his non-dentist appointment yesterday (he thought he had an appointment, but forgot he rescheduled it for another day). Then Sean and I went to the Aquarium and Botanical (botanic?) Gardens as soon as they opened. We had great fun. It was awesome to get to roam around the gardens before many other people were there. It was quiet, the butterflies were flouncing (flying in a bouncing sort of fashion) around, and we got to visit with some horses at the heritage farm in another part of the gardens. One of the horses let me pet it for a long time. Sean wanted to pet him, but kept chickening out just before he actually touched him. Anyway, it was a beautiful morning and we enjoyed smelling flowers and walking around. Then we went to the aquarium part and watched the stingrays and the sharks and sea turtle swimming by. That was fun too, except there were rowdy kids in the aquarium. I think next time, we’ll try going into the aquarium first to see it while it’s nice and quiet. We bought a yearly membership to the zoo, aquarium, and gardens this year, so we get to go as much as we want to… I’d like to go at least every couple weeks if we have time.

The Daddy that had to work

Sean woke up early this morning, in time to see Nathan before he left for work. Nathan kissed us both goodbye, then was out the door. Sean followed to the door and started crying after Nathan left. He continued to cry for about 5 minutes more, despite my attempts to give him Mommy comfort. He kept saying “Daddy. Work. waaaaah!” over and over again. I think this boy loves his Daddy. 🙂 I think Sean got used to seeing Nathan all the time while we were on vacation.

We’re trying to wean Sean from drinking milk from a bottle. I decided he was ready to try it after he drank some out of a sippy cup without making a fuss. That apparently was a fluke. Ever since then, he asks for milk, then refuses it after we show him the cup. He is willing to at least take a few sips of milk from it, but you kind of have to force him. Not the “hold him down and force it into his mouth” type of force, but the suggestive “just a few sips” type of force. I think he’ll get used to it in no time. Especially since his choices of drink for now are water (in a sippy) or milk (in a sippy). I think it’s time for him to give up the bottle, so we’re going to press on with this little battle.

Sean turned 2!!!

2 years ago, I spent a several days in the hospital, and when I got to come home, we had this new little person with us. And now he’s 2 years old!!! I can’t believe it! Sean has had a total of 3 birthday parties for his 2nd birthday. One in Houston at Chuck E. Cheese, One at our house with Nathan’s family and my mom, and one with our friends and loved ones at my mom’s restaurant today. At the first party, he cried and screamed when we sang happy birthday. Yesterday, he got upset again. Today, he got a little upset, but there was no crying or screaming, at least. He received an abundance of cool toys, cute outfits and just Swwweeet birthday presents. I think he had a ton of fun, despite the singing of “that” song. My little guy is growing up… Happy Birthday, Sean! And THANKS to everyone who was present to help us celebrate his special day!

Deep in the heart of texas 5/18/06

We’re here in Houston visiting my bro and his family. We also went to San Antonion to visit Jeremy (Nathan’s cousin) and his family. We’re having a blast. We got to go to Sea World and the San Antonio Riverwalk. We stopped at a rest stop on out drive from San Antonio to Houston and it has wireless internet and A place where you could watch tv. Sean was cranky in the car. Travelling with a 2 year old long distance in the car is not that fun.

out with the old, in with the new.

I found out the other day that a spammer was using my old email address in the “from” field of spam they were sending out. Since I don’t use that email address anymore, I asked Nathan to delete it. DOHT! We both forgot that my webpage was under that account, so when he deleted it, my page got deleted along with it. And no, I didn’t have it backed up on my computer either… I didn’t know I was supposed to! But, I’ve been able to retrieve most of my old blogs. And now I get to start a fresh new page. Yippee!