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Ultrasound pics

Had an ultrasound the other day to confirm how far along I am in the pregnancy. I’m am confirmed to be about 9 and a half weeks along. Here’s the pics from the ultrasound. The baby is the white blob in the black area. The head lies to the right and the rump is to the left with what appears to be the legs pointing upwards. I got to see the heart fluttering on ultrasound and hear it beating via doppler as well. I LOVE THAT! It just confirms that there’s this little person growing inside. Still no morning sickness or nausea. I get indigestion every once in a while, but never real bad. I have very few negative symptoms of pregnancy, so I’m very blessed. Next appointment will be July 21st, and I will be 12 weeks along by then (heading into 2nd trimester!)

Bring on the Greens

Okay, 7 weeks pregnant and counting. I go in for a dating ultrasound in a couple days to get a more accurate due date. So far, no morning sickness (yay!). I did get a call from my doc today and she said that my 1 hour glucose tolerance test result was high, which means that my body isn’t clearing out a high sugar load very efficiently. The remedy? I have to stick to a diabetic diet (boo!). The good news is that I currently have less of a sweet tooth than pre-pregnancy and I’ve been craving salads (with some kind of meat in them) a whole lot. The problem is that I’ve lately been too tired (or lazy… whichever you prefer) to make them myself and not very creative in putting salads together. I’m often even too tired to go to the farmer’s market or grocery store to get the stuff. So… I guess I just need to git er done and buy some salad ingredients and keep them in stock. If anyone has a yummy and EASY salad recipe for me, please share!

filming with a handheld camera = makes me sickly

I’ve never been a gal with a really sensitive stomach. I love roller coasters, and I don’t mind being on boats as long as the water isn’t too choppy. But some movies make me sick. I was trying to watch a movie with Nathan tonight and I couldn’t make it through the whole movie. Majority of the movie was filmed using a handheld camera, so it has a very shaky effect. Nathan says it’s to make it more realistic and more documentary-like. It just made me more motion sick. For all you up and coming cinematographers out there… this is a great technique to use in certain scenes… but for the majority of a movie??? Don’t do it!!! Ok, I’ve said my piece, and now I have to lay down. Oy!

Sick Laddy

Our Lad is sick at the moment. He’s come down with a super coughing consumption virus. He sometimes has these coughing fits and then starts to panic and can’t catch his breath. He actually woke up this morning and had a big cough and his lips actually turned a little blue. Not good. I called the nurse line and the nurse said that if he has another one of those blue lipped episodes, we should take him to see the doc, but so far he hasn’t had another.

Did you know that New Mexico has a 24/7 nurse line that you can call for medical advice even if you don’t have health insurance? 1-877-725-2552 That number is handy for us folks that have wee ones that get sick every winter and we’re not sure if a cold is serious enough to warrant a visit to the doctor. yeah, free medical advice = good.

Horseback riding, Callie’s home

I got to go horseback riding with my Kansasians (Kansas relatives) a couple days ago. Mucho FUN! It was my first time riding. We went to Cedar Crest Stables on the other side of the mountains. We did a 2 hour ride on a trail that went into the Cibola National Forest. My horse’s name was Snoopy, and boy did he have a personality! He used to be used as the lead horse by our guide, so he always want to be at the farthest, 2nd in line. Everytime one of the other horses got in front of him, he’d head butt them in the rear to speed them up. It was really funny! I’d like to do another ride sometime… a 4 hour ride. You ride 2 hours to a waterfall in the Sandias and get off the horses and let them rest and drink and stretch out your legs, then it’s another 2 hour ride back. Check out my Flickr pics for photos of the ride.
Callie came home on Monday night. We brought her home with the intention of just letting her be at home for a while before we put her to sleep, but once she was home, she started doing really well. So she’s eating well, and drinking, and all that good stuff. The vet showed me how to give her fluids under her skin with a needle every day, just to make sure she doesn’t get dehydrated. She seems to not mind it too much. She just doesn’t like to sit still while I’m doing it. I did it this morning with no problems.

Update on Callie, Zoo trip

Callie is doing somewhat better today. She is finally eating again. We went to the Vet’s to see her today. She is still on IV fluids, but she looked good and she started purring a bit. They said that the plan is to send her back home as soon as she’s eating well. So we’ll see when that will be.

We took Sean to the zoo twice today… let me clarify. The first time, we went to the zoo, couldn’t find parking because it was insanely crowded, so we left to go to the Aquarium instead. While on the way to the Aquarium, Nathan noticed that he didn’t have his wallet-o and we need to show our ID to get in with our yearly pass. So we went back home, ate some lunch and decided to try the zoo again since it was within a couple hours of closing time. We figured that enough people would start leaving and we could find a parking spot this time. So we drove to the Zoo again… found a spot and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon with Sean. He’s such a big boy now that we didn’t even take his stroller.

My Callie is sick

I took my cat to the vet today… spent much time trying to figure out what was wrong with her. They found out that she has kidney failure. I had to leave her at the emergency animal hospital tonight and probably all weekend to see if she improves. If she doesn’t respond to treatment, we’ll probably have to put her to sleep. 🙁 I’m VERY sad. She’s been my Callie for 12 years. Before I got married, she slept on the foot of my bed every night. Sean keeps saying “Callie’s sick. Callie’s at da doctor.”

Flu Shots

Sean and I went in for our annual Flu shots today. He did relatively well… screamed a couple times, then got a lollipop and quickly calmed down. Then he got to put a band-aid on my arm after I got my flu shot. My brother wants my my mom to get a flu shot since she will be visiting them for Thanksgiving and they’ll have a new baby (expected to make his debut around the end of the week). When I told my mom, she said she didn’t want to get a flu shot because they “make her sick”. This is a myth. The “flu shot” is made up of inactive (killed) virus particles, and therefore, cannot give you the flu. There is, however, a nasal flu vaccine that is made of weakened virus that may cause some people to have mild flu-like symptoms. While the flu shot cannot make you get the flu, it is not 100% effective against ALL flu viruses that exist. Each year, the vaccines are comprised of several specific strains of Influenza Virus that are believed to be prevalent during the coming flu season (this is based on studies done by the World Health Organization) . So it is possible to get a flu shot and still get sick with the flu… probably, one of the stains of Influenza that was not included in the current year’s flu vaccine. Getting the flu shot simply decreases your chances of getting the flu. You can also still get a COLD even if you get the flu shot. Many people mistake the common cold for the flu. This may be why so many people think that the flu shot either doesn’t work at all, or makes you sick. If you get a flu shot and then come down with a runny nose, cough, congestion, etc., don’t assume it’s from getting the flu shot. You either have a cold, or if it is truly an influenza virus, it may be a strain that you were not vaccinated against. Remember, the flu shot has killed virus in it, so it cannot give you the flu. For more info, check out the CDC flu website.

Sean’s First Dental Visit

Sean had his first trip to the Dentist today and boy did he do great! He was a little unsure at first about letting the hygienist take a look, but he soon warmed up to her after getting to go up and down in the “robot chair”. Every time it went up, I told him he was flying like Superman. He let her count his teeth, and polish them, and the Dentist got to take a good look too. Everything looked good… hope it stays that way. They even took digital pictures of his teeth and of him for his records. He thought that water sprayer and the suction thing were hilarious! they’d rinse his teeth and suck out the water, and he’d just giggle!

vanessa vs. stomach bug

I was out of commission yesterday evening and afternoon from some sort of stomach bug. I felt better shortly before going to bed, thank God. I lost 3 pounds in that one afternoon. Not the way I recommend losing weight, that’s for sure, and yet, I don’t miss those pounds. I’ll probably gain it all back… it’s probably fluids lost. Today, I’m still a little afraid to eat much. I had dry toast for breakfast. Maybe I’ll have a banana, too.

Last night, Nathan kept telling Sean that “Mommy is sick”. So last night after I was feeling better, I wanted to hold Sean before we put him into bed. Every time I tried to touch him, he’d groan and pull away and say “sick”. It was soooo funny! He thought that if I touched him he would suddenly be sick too, I think.

update: I felt good enough to workout today, so I did. then I started having stomach problems again this afternoon. I ate some bread and now I’m fine. How weird is that??