Home Schooling Convention

I attended a “getting started” lecture on homeschooling today. I was overwhelmed by all the different choices of curriculum there are and all the things that one should consider before deciding on a home schooling program. I’m glad I attended this year, since it will still be over a year before Sean will be starting school… there’s so much to research and think about that I’ll need at least a year to do it! Yowzer!

Yo-Plus Yoplait Yogurt

I recently tried the new yo-plus yogurt by yoplait that claims to help your digestive system. I haven’t had any digestive problems, but it was on sale for cheap, and I love a good deal. Turns out it tastes pretty good. I’ve been buying the vanilla flavor and mixing it with fresh fruit to make fruit salad. YUM! And on the Yo-plus website <click here> you can print out a $1.00 coupon. I don’t often advertise for products, but I like to share a good and yummy deal.

speaking of basketball…

We played basketball with some friends last night and Nathan and I realized how terrible we were at basketball. The passing the ball part is not a problem… it’s the shooting and making the ball go in that was lacking. I also realized that it takes some effort and good timing to be able to rebound the ball. I used to yell at the tv whenever the team I was rooting for would miss rebounds. I would think, “how hard is it to jump up and get the ball?”… but I could never get my timing right to jump at the right time to pick up the rebound… and the jumping part was hard for me too… I apparently can’t jump very high.

I missed the KU game…

First of all, GO JAYHAWKS! I’m not much of a basketball watcher these days, but I’m very happy that the Jayhawks won the championship cause my Kansas relatives (the Kansasians) live in Lawrence and my Uncle J works at KU. I bet there are many celebrations going on in Lawrence! But as I said… I missed the game… PixelJunk Monsters was keeping Nathan and I engaged. As Nathan says on his page, we’ve been playing some games on PS3 lately. We’re bonding over video games… haha! I like playing “Hot Shots: Out of Bounds”, but every time I sit down to play by myself to try to unlock new things, Sean wants to play. I may have to start skipping exercise so that I can play while Sean is asleep 😛

Tent Rocks, Cochiti Lake, Santa Fe

The weather was so beautiful today, so we decided to head a little ways out of town and do some walking around Tent Rocks. The sky was SO BLUE compared to the white cliffs and the rock formations. Beautiful place to walk around. Afterwards, we headed to Cochiti Lake and played with rocks and sticks. I skipped a few rocks successfully… I’m pretty bad at that. Sean and I splashed each other a little bit using our sticks in the water. I found a good stick to hit little rocks into the water like golf balls. Nathan and I talked about how we need to try kayaking or canoeing sometime. We saw someone that had a kayak and some little contraption that extended floats on each side to keep the kayak from flipping. Yeah, I’d need that. Once we got our fill of playing with rocks and sticks, we drove to Santa Fe and had dinner at Tomasita’s Restaurant. It was pretty yummy, but the chile was picoso… spicy. We had a wonderful day. 🙂 Check out the pics of Tent Rocks on my pictures page.

filming with a handheld camera = makes me sickly

I’ve never been a gal with a really sensitive stomach. I love roller coasters, and I don’t mind being on boats as long as the water isn’t too choppy. But some movies make me sick. I was trying to watch a movie with Nathan tonight and I couldn’t make it through the whole movie. Majority of the movie was filmed using a handheld camera, so it has a very shaky effect. Nathan says it’s to make it more realistic and more documentary-like. It just made me more motion sick. For all you up and coming cinematographers out there… this is a great technique to use in certain scenes… but for the majority of a movie??? Don’t do it!!! Ok, I’ve said my piece, and now I have to lay down. Oy!

Kansas, Butter Bells

Sean and I took a trip with my mom to Kansas for my Grandma Peny’s 84th birfday. We went bowling, got to see a cool train set up, ate at a train restaurant, and ate at T-rex cafe again. Here are the pics.

Nathan and I bought 4 punds of butter at Costco today and we got to discussing whether you can leave butter out on the counter without it spoiling too quickly so that it is soft when you spread it on bread. The package we bought said that it should be stored in the refrigerator, but I’ve remembered people leaving the butter out and that it was fine to eat. I researched the web a bit and it seems that the majority say that it is the exposure to air that causes butter to become rancid, and that use of a contraption called a “butter bell” can keep butter safe for up to 30 days at room temperature. If you read this, please leave me a comment about whether you leave your butter out or not… I’m curious. And if you leave it out, do you just use a regular butter dish with a cover or do you use a butter bell?

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