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Free Home School ID Card

I found a website that has a template to create your own home school ID cards for both students and teachers. I thought this might be helpful since there are often businesses that give discounts to students and/or educators but they often require an ID card. You can upload a picture to put on the card as well. The free version lets you print the card on your home printer (maybe a heavy card stock would be good), or you can pay $6.95 to have them print it a laminate it for you. That’s not that great a deal since you can print at home and have it laminated locally for cheaper than that.

$$ saving Target trip

I went to Target tonight while Hubby watched the kids. I had a STACK of coupons on hand, some that I needed to use before they expired and for things that I know we needed. Well, after all was said and done, I paid $30.10 out of pocket, got a $5.00 gift card back for my next purchase, and had a total savings of $39.26 from coupons and sale prices. Ka-ching! For those of you who don’t know, you can really save a ton of money with coupons. MOST stores allow you to use a manufacturer’s coupon, along with a store coupon to double your savings. That’s how my bill got so low. Target is one of those stores. Anytime you have a manufacturer’s coupon that you plan on using at Target, also check this site to see if there are any Target coupons that match up with the item. By doing this, you can practically get items for free! Actually, I did get some free string cheese tonight. We didn’t really need any, but it was free, and that’s always within my price range. Coupon-ing rocks!

Internet Price Matching

Since the animal food/melamine fiasco about 2 years back, I’ve been giving my cat subcutaneous fluids prescribed by her veterinarian. I’ve recently had the idea to try to purchase the saline fluids online and found that they were WAY cheaper than the vet’s office. What I would have spent $43 on at the vet’s office, I would have been able to purchase online from an animal supply/pharmacy website for $8.88, plus free shipping with a coupon code. When I found that out, I jumped at the deal. The only catch was that the website had to contact the vet’s office to verify the presciption. I got a call from the vet’s office today stating that they would price match the online price if I would bring in a copy of the prices. Why don’t they just give you an honest price to begin with??? That was annoying. Anyways, I purchased from the vet’s office at the lower price, and I didn’t have to wait for the shipment to come in. They also said, they’d always price match supplies if I would just bring in a current print out of the price from online. It just makes me wonder… how many other things am I buying locally at an insanely overblown price that I might be able to get price matched with an online vendor? I know that some stores won’t even price match things that they sell on their own website for a lower price. They say that they need to pay for the shipping. One example is Walmart. Walmart will price match products that are advertised for lower prices in their competitor’s circulars, but they won’t price match their own website. What’s with that?

Foaming Handsoap – Make Your Own

We began using foaming handsoap since Sean has trouble getting the regular soap well distributed on his hands. He does a much better job washing his hands if the soap is pre-foamed. I was about to run out and buy some foaming handsoap refills when I remembered that we had some regular hand soap left over. After looking on the internet, I found out that you can make your own foaming handsoap by mixing regular handsoap with water and putting it into a foaming handsoap dispenser. It’s nothing special about the handsoap mixture that makes it foam. It’s just the dispenser. So if you spend a buck on a new foam soap dispenser, then you can refill it cheaply with regular hand soap + water. The Internet concensus seems to be soap + water in a 1:5 to 1:7 ratio, although some recommend 1:10 ratio to be extra frugal. I found the 1:10 to be a bit too watery though. Some people even add a bit of rubbig alcohol to the mix to make “anti-bacterial” soap. That seems like overkill to me, especially after reading this. Need a review on how to properly wash your hands? Just remember, “Happy birthday to you…”